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Zipper-Ease - Zipper Lubricating Stick

$3.00 USD

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Keep Your Zippers functioning Properly.
This is What we use here at  Traveling Bags.
Zipper-Ease is easy to use and does not stain. This lubricant comes in easy-to-use stick form, and assures smooth trouble-free operation of all zippers - metal or plastic. It is a special blend of waxes and lubricants that resists exposure to water and heat. Just apply like a crayon to zipper teeth, and the job is done!
You will Notice the Improvement Immediately.

+ Bag, Purse, Backpacks
+ Luggage, Duffle Bags
+ Garments
+ Outdoor & Sporting Equipment
+ Upholstery

+ Lubricates metal zippers to easily slide open and close
+ Helps stop rusting
+ Great for applications where saltwater gets in touch with zipper, like wet suits and scuba diving gear
+ Great for Luggage that comes in contact with Salt, or De-Icing Products, Perfect for Flight Personnel.


This wax is pretty soft, use gently the stick can break, but it doesn't affect the use.

This wax has a low melting point so store in a cool place.

We find it works great to use a hairdryer or heat gun to carefully melt the lubricant and distribute even better on the zipper teeth and coil.

Traveling Bag Techs successfully use this on all types of Luggage and even Designer Handbag brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Kate Spade, Fendi, and many more.