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URAD - Clean, Moisturizes, Protects and Shines Leather.

$10.99 USD

URAD - cleans, moisturizes, protects, and shines leather. Contains no silicone, alcohol or petroleum-based products.


Total Leather Care: Cleans, moisturizes, protects, and shines in 30 seconds without buffing! 100% natural and biodegradable.

The essential one-step product for complete leather care.

URAD NEUTRAL brings back and revives the original color. URAD is remarkable in restoring damaged or dried-up leathers to mint condition. Also an efficient protection against water, salt, calcium and mold problems.

Preferably use URAD NEUTRAL on furniture and saddles, and URAD COLOR on boots and shoes.


  • Test color resistance on a concealed part.
  • Tenderly and URAD are often used together on furniture or clothing. Either one after the other or preferably mixed together.


Apply a very small amount with the sponge provided.  The key instruction with URAD is: USE VERY LITTLE! You are not trying to hide your leather, you want to moisturize it! So use URAD just like skin cream, not like make-up.  Gently rub it in and leave to dry for a few minutes. 
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earn more at the manufactures website - Urad.com