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Travel Laundry Soap ( Sea Spray ), by Cheat Sheets

$9.00 USD

Specifically formulated, ensuring cleanliness and freshness for whites and brights.
Travel Packs are small in size, big on convenience. Lightweight, so they're easy to pack. Liquid free, so there are no spills. Pre-measured, so they're hassle free. 

Each Travel Pack contains 10 Sheets for 10 Full Size Washes Washes.
or use this guide...

Front Load Machine Washing

  • ½ a sheet for small loads,
  • 1 sheet for medium loads,
  • 1.5 sheet for large loads,
  • 2 sheet for extra large or extra dirty loads.
  • Top Loading Washers: dissolve Cheat Sheets in your washer, see the suds, and add your clothes. Or place the sheets on top of your laundry and start the wash.

For hand washing

  • 1/2 a sheet for most hand-washing tubs, basins
  • 1/4 sheet may be all that is need for a sink with a lightly soiled item

Raw Material Purpose Source
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Surfactant Synthetic
Decyl Glucoside Surfactant Plant-based
Cocamidopropyl Betaine Surfactant Plant-based
Glycerol Humectant Plant-based
Fatty Alcohol C12-18 Surfactant / Emulsifier Plant-based
Water Solvent H2O
Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Stabilizer Synthetic
Trisodium Citrate Water Softener Plant-based
Sodium bicarbonate Cleaning agent Synthetic

Cheat Sheets is manufactured in Sweden. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that every dissolvable laundry detergent sheet meets the highest health and safety standards. Your Cheat Sheets order will ship from our warehouse in the United States.

Shelf life : Best if used within 3 years.