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Stow N Go Travel Hanger - 3 Pack

$11.00 USD

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Stow-n-go® folding travel hanger, from grand fusion. Making travel easier, as well as a little neater, is the idea behind the Stow N Go Folding Travel Hanger. The flexible neck on these hangers allows garments to be packed on hanger keeping garment neat and ready to hang upon arrival at your destination.


About this item

  • THE ULTIMATE SPACE SAVING TRAVEL ACCESSORY. Whether traveling on a plane, car road trip, cruise, or backpacking adventure, storage is important. Pack your most crucial garments efficiently and neatly
  • SAVE MONEY ON CHECKED BAGGAGE FEES. Getting outfits in carry on luggage can be tricky. These hangers let you pack neatly pressed shirts, pants, skirts and more in smaller cases to avoid checking bags
  • OPTIMAL DRESS SHIRT FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED TO HELP MINIMIZE WRINKLES. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, if you want to look your best and not have to iron on arrival, we've got your back
  • PACK AND UNPACK CLOTHES WITHOUT REMOVING FROM HANGERS. Simply take the hanger with clothing on it from your closet, fold neatly, place in luggage, and fold the sturdy cloth strap over, and off you go
  • GREAT GIFT FOR WORLD TRAVELERS AND ROAD WARRIORS. Any jet setter on your shopping list will see a huge benefit from these foldable travel hangers. It solves a problem they didn't even know they had. 


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Save Time and Make Packing Simpler!

For years, people have been saving time and effort by packing certain clothes without taking them off the hanger in order to prevent excess wrinkling while traveling and to waste less time by easily hanging up items once they arrive at a hotel room or travel destination. Also, it was a precaution in case the new closet was lacking or completely without hangers.

However, this travel hack was not without its drawbacks. Hooks of traditional hangers awkwardly stick out in suitcases, either forcing the traveler to stuff smaller items in the irregularly-shaped spaces or forcing the packer to leave items behind completely that were not able to fit!

A New Travel Hack to Save You Time, Money, and Effort!

Travel Hangers B08J1THTML less ironing

Less Time Ironing!

Stop using the malfunctioning hotel iron when you could be at the hotel bar or prepping for an important meeting.

Travel Hangers quickly unpack B08J1THTML

Less Time Packing AND Un-packing!

Items go directly from your suitcase to the closet.

Travel Hangers prevent wrinkles in these hanging shirts and blazing B08J1THTML

Less Wrinkles

Keeping items on hangers will help prevent unnecessary and unneeded wrinkling.

all the extra bags because you don't use Grand Fusion travel hangers

More Items in Your Suitcase!

Don't be this type of traveler who always has more bags than necessary. Fewer checked bags means more money to spend on vacation and business trips.