Somniwrap Travel Pillow, with Head & Neck Support by Travelon (13584)

$27.00 USD

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Something New and exciting in travel pillows!

Unique tapered design enables your best sleep while seated upright

• Scientifically advanced neck support, with unique substructure fill that is soft and cozy keeping your head and
neck ergonomically aligned for “No more bobble-head”

•360˚zero-pressure neck protection for all your sleep positions

•Adjust to any sleeping style: Wraps like a scarf where shape and fit can be easily adjusted to your comfort

• Fits all heights from petite to tall, and every neck size

• A third less weight and size of bulkier and/or heavy memory foam U-shaped travel pillows make the SOMNiWRAP easier to pack away

WEIGHT .44 lbs
DIMENSIONS 7.5 × 5 × 7.5 in
MATERIAL - Polyester
SIZE Closed: 5.5" – 7.5" W X 5" D X 7.5" H
SIZE Open: 29.5" W X 2.5" D X 7.5" H