Set of 3 RFID Blocking Sleeves by Travelon (13133)

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RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeve Pack from Travelon is designed to help safeguard your personal and financial information. By preventing the credit or debit card with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip within from being accessed by an unauthorized RFID reader.

 Current credit or debit card designs may feature an RFID chip that stores your personal and financial data and allows that information to be easily accessed by a specialized radio transmitter. In a retail setting, this can help make shopping more convenient by simplifying and speeding up the check-out process. Unfortunately, identity thieves in possession of a scanner that is capable of broadcasting and receiving an RFID signal may read and record your passport, credit, or debit card information without your knowledge.

To prevent this type of identity theft, these RFID-blocking card sleeves provide a way to store and carry your cards between purchases while preventing RFID signals from reaching them. Each of the three sleeves is constructed from a composite that prevents electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, from reaching its contents.

• RFID Blocking Card ID Protected keeps your cards safe from identity thieves' RFID scanners

• Protects your chip-enabled passport, credit and debit cards

• Each sleeve holds a standard credit card

• Constructed from RFID protected fabric

• Pack of 3 Specifications

• Dimensions: 3.4in x 2.3in