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Emergency Medical Information & Contact ID Wallet & Keychain 2 card kit

$30.00 USD

Your Detailed Emergency Profile on Anywhere
on Any Internet-Capable Device Within Seconds!

Around town or the world there is no simpler way to get vital accurate information needed in an emergency. SuperAlert® Smart IDs are the quickest most secure way to convey your vital, life-saving information. 

Every SuperAlert ID has a unique number and key code that gives first responders secure access to your emergency profile.

The system also automatically notifies your emergency contact when your ID is viewed.

Designed with input from EMTs, the Medical ID profile includes:

  • Who You Are
  • Vital Medical Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Allergies, Medications, and Vaccinations
  • Doctors and Providers
  • Insurance Info and More

Set Includes:

A pair of tags made of tough laminated materials. Weatherproof.

The wallet card is designed as a standard credit card size, with the attention-getting design to catch the eye of a first responder seeking information.

The keychain card can be attached to a keychain or tied on shoelaces - attached to a gym bag, etc.

You control and enter the information into the tag and update it as you need.
By default, the tag is password protected, which you can adjust to fit your needs. Various sample information templates are provided to get you going. You can start simple and add more information over time.

The synthetic laminated synthetic tags are engineered for strength and lightness. 

Dynotag has you covered with an extensive selection of tough, purpose-built, ready-to-use Medical ID - Emergency Contact Information (ECI) products.

These amazingly capable Medical IDs offer much more than an ordinary ID tag - you get a complete Emergency Information Management System!  They come with  DYNOIQ™ feature set built-in and with lifetime service included! (learn more)

Dynotag worked with First Response personnel to engineer these Medical IDs to meet and exceed Amber Alert requirements!

You can start with basic vital information on your tag, then add more complete documents and update them over time as your needs change. We'll supply you with some recommended templates to get you started.

Dynotag SuperIDs™ technology enables you to enter all your medical information into your SuperAlert™ Medical ID record and update it as often as neded.

Your various medical information is securely stored in an "Information Record" in the Dynotag Cloud Service. That record is then linked to the SuperID tags you "attach" to the record. More than one Smart ID tag can be attached, enabling you to have redundancy in case one of the Smart ID tags is lost or damaged.

Be prepared! No loved one should be without a Dynotag SuperAlert™ID

Full GOLD-level capabilities!

This product comes with Gold-level functionality
This includes advanced capabilities such as:

  • Not your father's tag: Securely add photos, text, and documents.
  • Lifetime Smart ID service is included
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Multilevel access control with custom passwords
  • Automatic email notification when your tag is viewed
  • Vanity tag address
  • Flexible log book diary and note attachment services


Product Activation

This tag comes with an activation code, which you can use with a free account at Dynotag.com. Click "Activate Tag" on the Home screen for instructions.

 Dynotag Capabilities

All SuperID™ Smart ID products feature our patented Smart Tag technology, developed in cooperation with emergency response experts:

  • Every SuperID comes with a QR code and a special web address that is unique for that ID.
  • Once you activate your ID into your account, it becomes exclusively yours! You, and only you, can update its contents. Others can only view what you choose to share.
  • All one needs is a web browser. No special app or software is required to manage the tag or view its contents! Optionally, a QR scanner app on a smartphone can be used to quickly view the tag contents.
  • You don't have to be near your tag to update its contents. Just sign into your Dynotag account anywhere on the planet and update your tag content anytime.

Your purchase includes a lifetime subscription and plenty of storage for your information.

 No Electronics or radio or Batteries.

How Do Dynotags Work?

Dynotag SuperIDs™ are maintenance-free - they have no battery, electronics, or radio. The Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) does all the "brain" work for the tags!

Lost & Found offices, first responders, security, and transportation service staff are required by law to give it their best effort to contact you. A SuperID™ on your property provides them with that key information. Similarly, a Dynotag SuperAlert™ ID provides First Responders with the vital information they need to administer proper help and get in touch with the emergency contacts listed in the tag.


Dynotag products come with our unique Lifetime Replacement Warranty. You can replace any Dynotag retail product activated into your account for any reason at any time. No paperwork, no proof of damage or loss needed. The replacement process is self-service and automated. 

The cloud component of each smart tag is maintained by Dynotag. Lifetime service is included with every tag.

Dynotags Come with Built-in Rewards

Our "Good Samaritan Rewards" program provides a reward on your behalf - in order to "thank" Good Samaritans and First Responders who do the right thing!

 All Dynotag products Final Assembly and Quality Assurance is performed in the U.S.

Our core cloud service infrastructure is based in the U.S.