25 oz Collapsible Water Bottle by Hydaway

$32.00 USD

Meet HYDAWAY. The collapsible, ultra-stashable, planet-friendly, go-anywhere way to stay hydrated. Our adventure-sized bottle collapses down to a ridiculously small 1.5″ disc. When expanded, it holds a thirst-quenching 25 ounces of water. Available in a variety of colors, it's hydration that fits your life.

25oz (750ml) CAPACITY

Get out and explore with this high-capacity hydration solution.

Our adventure-sized bottle collapses down to a ridiculously small 1.5″ disc. When expanded, it holds a thirst-quenching 25 ounces of water.

Slide in your pack or carry it along, this size is ideal for hiking, camping, or at the gym.

We're not just another water bottle...


The HYDAWAY difference is what our bottle does when you're not using it.

HYDAWAY allows you to fill up on water, then collapse and stash it. No more hassle in line at airport security. No more cramming empty water bottles in your tote. No more buying endless disposable water bottles only to trash them when you're through.

HYDAWAY is designed for when you need it, as well as when you don't.


  • Waste No Space - Try and find a more collapsible water bottle than HYDAWAY – you won’t! Collapsing down from a thirst-quenching 25 oz capacity to a slim 1.5 inch profile in seconds, you can sip & stash your refillable water bottles and carry on
  • Ultra Portable - With a water-tight seal to prevent spills & a collapsible design that makes air travel a breeze, this soft travel water bottle is designed to keep you hydrated on the go. When expanded, the foldable bottle fits most cup holders too
  • Built To Last - Expertly engineered from resilient silicone, these collapsible water bottles for traveling are built to hydrate for years to come. The lightweight, wide- mouthed design lends itself to easy hand washing & is suitable for the dishwasher
  • Reduce Your Impact - HYDAWAY strives to lessen the impact of single-use plastic on the planet. With a reusable water bottle tucked into your bag when day hiking, camping or even on the beach, you’ll never need a single-use plastic alternative again
  • Join Our Crew - Join thousands of happy adventurers who love their flexible water bottle. All HYDAWAY products are 3rd-party tested to the highest food-safety standards, ensuring they’re free from BPA, phthalates, PFAS & other plastic pollutants