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Medical Device Tag for Bags and Luggage - Black

$13.99 USD

The perfect tag to help you ID your Medical Equipment. 
Help the TSA and Flight Crew and make your life easier too.  A little help goes a long way. Help security & yourself get through TSA and the boarding process on the plane as fast and as expedient as possible. BY helping to ID your medical advice and explain why you have an extra bag.

Please note that this tag only identifies your medical equipment. It does not guarantee faster processing due to security levels at various airports or the attitudes and personalities of security personnel.
This tag can also help you deal with certain passengers who can't MYOB.

Please do not abuse the regulations, never use this ID Tag on other types of carry-on. baggage.

We recommend also carrying your doctor's prescription and/or a letter of medical necessity with you while traveling.

  Rectangle Round
Width, in 2.76 4.02
Height, in 4.02 4.02
Depth, in 0.08 0.08