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Leather Luggage Tag by Lewis N. Clark (ID81BLK)

$7.00 USD

This durable leather luggage tag withstands conveyor belts and cargo holds alike.

The cover conceals your personal information from passerby, but it can easily be unbuttoned in order to show flight staff or other personnel as needed. The included identification card can be replaced with a business card as well. 

Accommodating a range of luggage sizes, the sturdy strap can be attached and adjusted with the buckle. 

With a classic look and feel, this leather luggage tag provides a versatile way to make your personal information easily available without having to reveal it to everyone else. 

• Button snaps closed to conceal personal information
• Buckled strap attaches securely to luggage
• Fits standard size business card
• 6.5in x 2.7in