Padded Luggage Handle Wraps by GoWraps - Single Item


The Padded Luggage Handle Wraps by GoWraps provide comfort and style, making it easy to spot your luggage while cushioning your hand!
Made of 3.5mm SBR neoprene, GoWraps provide the best hand comfort for all luggage. Universally sized, GoWraps are designed to work with any standard luggage piece. Measuring 5.4" x 4.5"and with a slight elasticity, GoWraps fit easily and snug. 
Choose from various colors - or choose them all and keep it changing! Or get enough for all of your handles - any situation that causes hand fatigue and pain, such reuseable grocery bag handles or shopping carts. GoWraps even work to safely wrap fishing lures and as hand comfort on shopping baskets. 
GoWraps are washable and reusable - Machine wash cold, tumble or line dry. Do not bleach or iron.